3 Steps to Painting a Picture

Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Painting | 0 comments

beginning painterPainting a picture is a long, complicated task, and getting started is often the most difficult part. Knowing where to begin and how to proceed can make a huge difference in how smoothly the entire process carries through.

The very first step a painter must complete when he or she sets out to paint is to create what is setting the base coat. A base coat is a flat coat of the color you want an area to generally have. This coat will dry up and be painted on top of later, so it is best to choose colors that are slightly lighter. Fill in these areas with solid colors so the whole painting has a strong base.

One the base coat is complete, the next major step is adding shading to the painting. Shading is the process of using the base coat color to achieve gradual shifts between it and the more specific colors of objects as they are effected by the lighting in the painting. The goal is to move away from the flat, solid base coat into something that looks more natural. After shading, fine details are added to bring the painting to its completion.

With practice and determination, you can get the hang of how these three phases of a painting interact and the ways in which you can prepare earlier steps to make the later ones more convenient.

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