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3 Things to for in a Nursing Home

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The decision to put our loved ones into a nursing home is never an easy one. It can be sad to see our loved ones, especially our parents, grow old. After making that already hard decision, we’re faced with another: what nursing home should entrust with the care of the ones we love the most? There are so many nursing homes touting their services as the best on the market — how can we actually know who is telling the truth?

Many people who decide to put their loved ones in nursing homes speak about how difficult it was to find the best place for said loved one. Most of us have never had to make that type of decision before, especially for the person who took care of us during our entire lives, so we often have no idea of what to look for.

To solve that issue, I decided to compile a list of what you should look for when looking for a nursing home. Hopefully, when it comes time to make important decisions regarding the futures of your loved ones, it will come in handy.


Just because your loved one is living in a nursing home doesn’t mean you won’t be able to visit them from time to time. In fact, frequent visits will help them better transition to this new stage in their lives. Don’t forget to consider location when scoping our potential nursing homes. Keep in mind how long it will take you and your family to commute to their new place, and also what is located around the nursing home. You’ll want to pick somewhere where there is plenty to do — to keep both your family and your loved one occupied.


While it may be awkward to ask at first, make sure to inquire about any possible violations a nursing home may have received. The administration’s willingness to speak about these violations is important, but what’s even more important is how then nursing home has corrected these violations.

These violations may be minor — such as incorrect placement of an appliance — or something severe like theft from residents or fraud, according to Russo, Russo, & Slania P.C. Severe violations are extreme red flags and something you should definitely try to avoid

Services Available

This may seem a bit obvious, but the services a home can offer your loved one are very important to consider. Most specifically, you should keep the unique needs of your loved one in mind. For example, if they are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is important for them to have care tailored to memory loss conditions available at the nursing home. You should make sure to ask about your loved one’s unique needs when you are touring — no matter how many questions you have.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but it is a good springboard for when you decided to make some decisions. I hope it helps you select the perfect nursing home for your loved one!

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